Tax disputes

In order to conduct successful business it is very important for entities to build correct and based on legitimacy relationships with the tax authorities, as well as to forecast conflicts that are likely to emerge in good time and to ensure the effective protection of their rights.
Our team dealing with tax disputes, which consists of experienced lawyers, accountants and tax advisors, is ready to provide you with the comprehensive support.
Prior to a tax inspection:
  •  Identification of tax risks, review of tax and accounting reports;
  • Support in adjusting (reconstruction of) financial and tax records.

During the tax inspection and at the stage of a pre-trial settlement:
Consulting and legal services:
  • Verbal and written consultations on any issues that may arise during the tax inspection conducted;
  • Preparation of responses to requests of the tax authorities.
Preparation of objections to the report of the tax authorities:
  • Analysis of your documents with respect to the controversial transactions or outstanding tax issues elaborating an optimal position for your defence;
  • Preparation of objections to the tax inspection report;
  • Participation in consideration of the objections to the tax inspection report on your behalf.
At the stage of a dispute:
Preparation of a complaint to a superior tax authority:
  • Preparation of a complaint about the decision notice;
  • Participation in consideration of the complaint about the decision notice on your behalf.
Legal representation of the Client in court:
  • Contesting the tax decision notice in courts including preparing a statement of claim for reversal of the tax decision notice, bringing it before the court, participation in sittings of the court as your representative.
Legal protection of enterprises and entrepreneurs during tax inspections conducted is one of the key areas for our personnel.
If you turn to us, you will be able to:
  • Avoid paying a full amount of tax liabilities additionally charged or reduce it;
  • Postpone payment of tax liabilities additionally charged.